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Posted on 23 March, 2020 at 8:25

MARCH 23 2020

NB; Kindly use with Appendix A.


COVID-19 is rapidly changing how businesses operate. We recognize that this pandemic will change

how we interact socially, how we work and our personal hygiene. In light of this unprecedented

situation, Property Max Results Ltd in line with the government rules on measures to contain the

spread of this Virus will as from Monday 23 rd of March 2020 encourage work-place social distancing.

This means that we will work remotely until further notice.

It’s imperative to note that while keeping our staffs safe, we would also like to partially keep the

official duties running (remotely). As a result of this, we have introduced the following key rules for

our team to adhere to while working from home.

Set Yourself Up for Success:

I. Meet with your manager to determine how your work and job requirements can be done

remotely from your home either full time or certain days of the week.

II. Consider the effect of working at home on your customers, co-workers and manager.

III. Determine your technological needs and agree on securing the tools and appropriate

training to ensure productivity at home.

IV. Establish measurable performance goals and expectations.

V. Discuss concerns and potential challenges of working virtually and ways to address these


VI. Determine a process for regular check-in meetings to discuss how the virtual work

arrangement is working – for you and the business.

VII. Check in frequently with your manager and co-workers to discuss how things are going and

determine how to overcome challenges that may be identified.

Set yourself up for success – at home


I. Set up an appropriate workspace that is separate and distinct from your “home space” and

conducive to working effectively without interruptions.

II. Design your workspace for efficiency, with all the documents and materials you need.

III. Create a healthy workspace – good light, comfortable temperature, ergonomic adjustable

chair, computer keyboard and mouse suited to your needs, telephone headset, etc.

IV. Set boundaries with your family members.

V. Ensure your family members understand that although you are home, you’re working.

VI. Establish ground rules for work hours, interruptions, noise, etc.

VII. Do not use working from home as a substitute for child care.

Focus on performance and results.


I. Be clear on your priorities, focusing on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities you and

your manager agreed upon as measures of success.

II. Be proactive in communicating regularly with your manager, co-workers and customers to

stay connected and resolve issues as they arise.

III. Ensure that your accomplishments, project status, outcomes and deliverables are visible to

your manager and co-workers as appropriate – avoid being out of sight, out of mind.

IV. Invite and encourage feedback from co-workers, manager and customers about how your

virtual work arrangement is affecting them.

Be accessible, responsive and reliable

I. Utilize appropriate communication methods to stay connected with your manager, co-

workers and customers.

II. Update your email, voicemail greeting, staff calendar etc. on a regular basis with your

schedule, availability (or not) and contact information.

III. Check your email, social media platforms and voicemail frequently.

IV. Demonstrate trustworthiness by being predictable, reliable, taking promises seriously and

following through on commitments.

V. Manage your work and preserve time for your life

VI. Find ways to “disengage” from work and have quality personal time when traditional

boundaries between work and home life are no longer clear.

VII. Set reasonable limits to your work hours and determine how to meet work requirements

and still preserve personal time.

VIII. Build in short breaks and work during periods of peak energy.

Please use this guide with another document titled Appendix A which set out some precautionary

measures set out by for real estate agents to discharge their duties safely and remotely during this

pandemic crisis. Remember you can always reach your manager by email/phone call anytime

between 9am-5pm (Mon-Sat).

Akinwunmi Awoyode MSc. CIPM (UK)

Principal Partner

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